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About Helping Hands by JMarie'

Judy Elder, owner of Helping Hands by JMarie' LLC.                                                   

Judy Elder has 30+ years of experience in retail, wardrobe, and image consulting; giving her valuable perspective that she uses to help clients look and feel their best. She excels in encouraging people to feel good about themselves and realizes that positive self-image and inner confidence can go a long way in transforming lives. Judy is also an award-winning professional recognized for excellence in leadership and outstanding customer service. She absolutely loves helping people!

In 2017, her sister received a diagnosis of a rare form of cancer, which began a very difficult journey for her family.  As her sister required daily care, Judy acted as one of her caregivers and her personal shopper. This experience allowed her to witness first-hand the toll that serious illnesses can have on people, and of course, the devastating effects it has on their appearance and self-image. 

While Judy’s sister was fortunate to have a host of family and friends to help her throughout her illness and recovery process, Judy realized many are not as fortunate to have such a large support system and wondered if there was an agency that provided these services. After extensive research, Judy found that limited resources are available for those in need, further inspiring her to create Helping Hands by JMarie'.   

Our mission is to provide a professional and stress-free shopping experience, while building lasting relationships.  Judy’s personal shopping services and on-line boutique will assist in furthering the Helping Hands by JMarie’ mission.